History & Time line


International Clearing & Shipping Agency is a partnership firm with 100% ownership in the hands of one family.


ICSA was formed on August 27th 1931. It originally functioned as a clearing house for goods imported from other countries.

1936 witnessed the entry of the first generation of the current family that owns the company in the form of K.S.Janakiram who is often referred to as the architect of ICSA.

Very shortly, ICSA landed a number of new businesses through various ad-hoc contracts as well as clearance contracts for war supplies on behalf of the Indian Government. This gave the company the financial strength & reputation to venture into newer pastures such as Ship Agency Business.

In 1949 ICSA got its first direct appointment as agents for Gydnia America Shipping Lines (later became East India Shipping Company which was subsequently taken over by Polish Ocean Lines) & in 1951, ICSA was also appointed as general agents for Mitsui Line of Japan along the East Coast of India.

With this rapid growth in business, ICSA also slowly extended its presence in India opening its own offices in various port towns such as Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), Paradip, Visakhapatnam, Kakinada& Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay).

It was further helped by getting various agencies for other shipping lines including Navix & Shinwa (of Japan), Pakistan shipping lines (briefly), The Great Eastern Shipping Company of India amongst others.

The customs clearance activities remained buoyant growing rapidly with a number of government companies coming under its fold.This buoyant growth both in depth as well as width continued into the 80s leading to ICSA further strengthening its presence through additional offices in Tuticorin, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore& Mangalore.

The early 80s saw the advent of containerization in India which enhanced ICSA's role as shipping agents for Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd., (the merged entity of Mitsui Lines &O.S.K.Lines) & 1991 saw the return of the agency for Mitsui O.S.K. Lines at Kolkata which they had lost as a result of the merger in 1964.

Into the Nineties & understanding the need to add value to the current services offered, ICSA saw a flurry of new activities over the next few years.1998 marked ICSA's entry into the road transportation activity through an acquisition of an exiting co. through an associate company which today boasts of its own fleet of over 135 vehicles.

In the year 2000, ICSA received its IATA accreditation enabling it to book cargo by air on its own air way bills. The same year also witnessed the appointment of ICSA as agents for MOL, additionally in Cochin giving the company coverage of the entire South in addition to the East Coast.

In 2003, ICSA obtained its Multi Modal Transport Operator License from the Director General of Shipping in India therefore enabling it to issue its own multi modal transport document covering various modes for transport from original place of receipt of cargo to final place of delivery.

With this rush of new activities, ICSA realized the need for its own presence in New Delhi & the office was officially opened in 2004. Also taking into account the flurry of activity along the west coast, in addition to its Mumbai office, an office was also opened at Kandla in Gujarat the same year.

In order to handle freight forwarding for which overseas associates are required, ICSA enrolled itself as a member of APLN in 2004. Through its own activities, ICSA can today offer its customers virtually any service linked to their international trade.

Time line

Our Group


Organization structure


Our Team

The Board

Managing Director

Deepak Ramaswamy

He is a member of the promoting Family with 25 years experience in the Company & is entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the logistics business.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree In Economics from Loyola College, Chennai & a Master Degree in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila. He is also an authorized Power of Attorney Holder under Rule 9 of the Customs House Agent’s Licencing Regulations 1962.

Executive Director

Raghusankar G

He has clocked over 35 years in the Company & is an authority on Customs Rules & Procedures. He has held various posts in key organizations & is well renowned in the industry for the crucial role he has played in the growth of the group.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Presidency College, Chennai. He is also an authorized Power of Attorney Holder under Rule 9 of the Customs House Agent’s Licencing Regulations 1962.

Independent Director

Bharat Vivek Chandhok

He is an entrepreneur & a member of one of the founding families of motorsport in India & one of the most well renowned names in the motorsport industry.
He has held key posts in various associations affiliated to motorsport in India & across the world.

Member of the promoting family

Kalpana Ramaswamy

She is a member of the promoting family & an entrepreneur in her own right.

Other Key Members

General Manager, Operations

Balachandran S

He has clocked over 25 years in the company & oversees the day-to-day operations of the Group.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree In Economics, & Master’s In Business Administration from Madras University, Manila. He is also an authorized Power of Attorney Holder under Rule 8 of the Customs House Agent’s Licencing Regulations 2004.

Asst. General Manager, F&A

Sivaramakrishnan S

He Carries rich experiences in his finance domain, as he had worked with corporates.

Sr. Manager, Freight Forwarding

Kannan S S

He is core logistics professional, specialized in Freight Forwarding Operations.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

To establish ourselves as a market leader in the logistics services industry through total integration of all international trade related services across the country to the total satisfaction of our customers.

Our Mission

To provide cost effective & on-time world class end-to-end solutions to the international community through a team of well trained & highly motivated professionals thus ensuring sustained growth & overall development.


Core Values

Core Values – Backed by strong & enduring values, the culture at ICSA is to operate in a structured, result oriented manner with an eye on quality & service. We believe that our culture plays a dominant role in our success & these five elements are the backbone of this culture.

  • Integrity – Maintain our integrity at all times & never compromise on the same for short term gains
  • Unity – Unity in Thinking & Action across the whole group to remain totally focussed on the goals we set out to achieve
  • Understanding – A thorough understanding of the needs of all stake holders namely customers, partners, vendors, investors & most importantly our own employees.
  • Responsibility – Always act in a responsible manner with respect to business, the environment, stake holders & society in general.
  • Excellence – Always focus on excellence in whatever we do to ensure delighting of all our stakeholders.


Service Delivery Pyramid – This unique framework was developed internally as an outcome of our core values to adopt a more customer focussed approach towards their requirements by fine tuning our functional process.

Business Study ICSA-Service Delivery Pyramid

Our expert team of consultants undertake the Requirement Analysis which is imperative to understand your needs and design the personalized optimal solution for your Supply Chain Problems.

Service Integration

Identify &Integrate the allied services that suit your requirements and ensure steadfast delivery of the complete solution.

Management Team

Strategic Planning, Controlling, Coordination of the resources and the Rational decisions by our Management ensure the timely execution of the workflow.

Single Point Contact

The single point contact console drives turn key convergence enabling you to be in touch with the latest information and reports about your consignments without a hassle.

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International Organizations

National Organizations

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