Customs Clearance

This has been at the core of the group’s activities since its inception. Over the last 87 years, the company has carefully nurtured & built an impeccable reputation of honesty, integrity & transparency in its dealing with customs authorities leading to the establishment of an excellent rapport with them. This combined with its own core values & a highly experienced & professional team, allows it to offer some of the quickest & most efficient clearance times in the entire industry clearly establishing itself as a leading player in the country.

Given the complex procedure of customs clearance in India, ICSA dedicates itself to constantly stay abreast of developments & provide its customers with accurate & up-to-date information of charges, duty structures, procedures as well as formalities to be completed prior to import or export of cargo.

ICSA has proactively been at the forefront of the recent initiatives undertaken by Indian customs to slowly change from a cumbersome & time consuming paper process to a highly computerized clearance procedure to match if not out do those of the developed nations. ICSA is already online with customs & is fully equipped to clear documents electronically.

To further enhance the quality of services & differentiate itself from others, ICSA provides its customers with periodic stage wise progress reports tailored specifically to suit their requirements.

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