Project & bulk handling

ICSA has handled a number of Project Imports & Exports over the last 4 decades. including some of the largest though the port of Chennai in the Refinery, Thermal & other Power Sectors. It typically requires an in-depth knowledge of customs procedure which is unique to India (a separate chapter 98 under which all items of the project are subject to a homogenous rate of duty despite falling under various chapters) coupled with an ability to handle Large, Heavy & Odd sized Packages. Also registration of the Project to avail of the uniform duty structure is a must in which ICSA has plenty of experience having registered numerous projects over the years.

Some of the sectors for which we have handled such Projects include, Petroleum Refining, Thermal Power, Sugar Refining, Cement Manufacturing, Water Treatment& Waste Management Sectors. ICSA has also undertaken a number of projects on a turn key basis starting from dismantling at origin, packing, transporting, shipping, unpacking, up to erection at the new site.

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